1. Tom says:

    I totally agree. People have to be comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their own body. There’s nothing ‘dirty’ about nudity. From a high-school locker room to a beach in St. Martin to the baths in Baden-Baden, you just get used to being free and not stuck with convention.

  2. Karlee says:

    I seriously cannot get enough of this blog post!!! I am so glad you wrote it! So many people have the wrong idea of it but you were so correct in talking about the artistic flair that it has. As a woman I feel very empowered by accepting my body as it is and confident even when naked.

    • ckayser says:

      Thank you, Karlee! I’m so glad you feel that empowerment! That’s exactly what I want for all! Acceptance comes from within creating that confidence. Keep it up!

  3. The human body is its own glorious art form. Like most art forms, it has areas that are more stunning than others. My favorite is the small of a woman’s back curving to the hips. I studied the Great Masters, and saw how they honed their skills on chiseled males mainly–think Michelangelo & Leonardo. Once I reached modern art, I delighted in the Cubist nudes of Picasso. Nowadays, I enjoy my collection of charcoal sketches of a Barbara Ward, a Philadelphia artist who evidently died in Loretto if you can believe that. When I framed some for my living room wall, I thought I would get comments from naysayers. But, I haven’t. And I don’t care. My home is my gallery. My place to love art and things pleasing to my eyes and Kerry’s. There’s only one thing–I need more walls!!! Kudos to you for the terrific article.

  4. ckayser says:

    I couldn’t agree more on the gloriousness of the human form! Your art collection sounds like a visual treat! So great to collect things you love that pleases you…

    Thank you for your kind words!

  5. Tom Kayser says:

    Still relavent today – in our hyper-sexualized society, people have trouble separating nudity and sex. If we are all made in God’s image we should accept and revel in the body we have and not be ashamed or hide the gifts we have. Nudity in art has been around for thousands of years and some people’s constant push to hide it, censor it or judge it, belie their own insecurity and lack of acceptance of the Creator’s gift.

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