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Life is about LOVE and CONNECTION!
  Art, teaching, painting, photography and design have been my life passions, and through these passions I have been able to connect more deeply with others.  Fitness and wellness, also, have been an important part of my living a healthy, happy, art-filled life!  I have LOVED studying more and more about the mind, body, spirit connection which help to appreciate living your every moment!  Artful living is increasing your awareness to the beauty in life around you - learning to "see" with the third eye and being creative.  Live, laugh and LOVE! Open your eyes, your mind, your heart to LOVE and CONNECT with others and let the beauty of YOU SHINE! 
Check out my work in my galleries!  I work largely by commission for painting and photography.  I teach ongoing, beginner to experienced painters - just takes a desire to create!  Connect with me on social media links at the very bottom of my site for most current stuff I'm doing!

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NEW in Claire Kayser Studio!

Hand-painted T-shirts!
Claire recently introduced hand-painted t-shirts with positive messages of love and empowerment in on-going campaign of spreading the LOVE one t-shirt at a time.  
She has always loved retro-looking graphic tees with a soft,
worn, vintage feel,
and that is what she is creating by hand, 

made to order, one shirt at a time.
She says, "This is exactly the kind of shirt I would look for in a store but haven't found."
 So, she decided to try making her own, and viola!

  Read more here about how this all unfolded over the years 
to get her here.

Click on Claire's Instagram feed below and follow for the latest shirt creations to order. 

Contact her here below or via DM in Insta or Facebook.

These hand-painted shirts are one-of-a-kind, unique, artistic,

and they make great gifts, order several for parties, or

proudly wear one styled in a variety of ways - with jeans, 
with a cool jacket, athleisure - so many great ideas here.

*All sizes & colors, various cuts
*hand-painted by Claire
*Custom orders/ideas welcomed!
*Starting at $50 ea. plus 2-3 day USPS shipping within US!
Inquire about global shipping!


BYOS (bring your own supplies)
I’ll supply a list!
$250 - 6 classes
Teaching has been the most rewarding and fulfilling part of my art journey over the last 20 years, and I am ready for students who want to create!  Whether you have painted or not, this class is about being creative and diving in to the painting process. I am here to guide you! I will have several lessons, we will paint, and have a constructive critique each class. Carve out just two hours in your week that’s all for YOU! Feel the freedom and sheer joy that comes with manipulating colors, mixing them, making lines, making color fields! Awaken to YOUR creative spirit!
I will guide you along the way!
2-3 Lessons per 6 weeks with plenty of time to create.

Great music 🎶
Great energy 💃🏻
Connection 🤝
Possibilities 🎨

Contact me to sign up or for any questions!


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