I want to take this day to CELEBRATE the BADASS WOMEN out there on this 2019 International Women’s Day!  What is “badass” to me?  Badass is any person (but focusing on women today) who lives life fearlessly – who grabs life by the horns all the while staying true to who she is, courageously and […]


March 8, 2019

Happy International Women’s Day

I guess it’s really no surprise how I have gotten into making vintage-looking, retro graphic tees when I really think about it. I have been a t-shirt phanatic for, well, my whole life as far as I can remember.  There was a cool gal in my hometown of Athens, Alabama, Jennifer Bridges, who worked at […]

Art, Creativity, Fashion

February 27, 2019

New in Claire Kayser Studio!

Let’s talk about nudity.  So much is written about the subject from so many perspectives today because of the internet and changing cultural norms all over the world.  Nudity or nakedness is defined so differently from culture to culture.  An exposed face or elbow, for instance, is considered nudity in some countries and not in […]

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May 2, 2018


It’s been a rough start to this year for me physically, AND emotionally, too.  My skin cancer procedures and the horrible golfer’s elbow in my right elbow (I’m right handed) that has debilitated me so much that I’ve had to change my life for the past 8 weeks so that I don’t use my right […]

Creativity, Fitness, Health

April 19, 2018

New Discoveries…

This week for the last 11 years, my husband and I have enjoyed trips to St. Maartin to get away from winter for a week!  Not this year as it was essentially destroyed by a hurricane last fall.  Sadly. Instead, I had the scare of scares 3 weeks ago when I went for my annual […]

Skin Care, Wellness

February 24, 2018

Think you won’t get skin cancer? Think again!

It’s Feb 6, and we are well into the month that celebrates LOVE!  While I’m not typically one to go all out on Valentine’s Day and indulge in it’s commercialization, I do like to do a little something special for my love ❤ . What I want to talk about is the passion surrounding this holiday […]

Intimacy, Sex

February 6, 2018

Get your SEXY baaaack… YEAH!

When two gals both named Sara(h) met each other while nannying in Paris, they both lamented how difficult it was to find stylish yet practical clothing for travel around Europe.  From that first common sentiment, they decided to embark on creating clothing that served those purposes – classy, versatile to pair pieces with each other […]


February 2, 2018

TheClassicsParis -classy and edgy!

We hear much about mindfulness these days, and some of us are asking, “Just what does that mean, and how can I do that?”  What “mindfulness” means is being present.  Live in the present moment!  With more and more in our world that distracts us from truly being present – smart phones in hand constantly […]

Health, Mindfulness

January 4, 2018

Do you MIND?

You’ve heard the old saying, “What you don’t use, you will lose.”  As I have aged, the truth of this saying plays out over and over like a broken record.  We have to keep our bodies moving to better be able to function without pain as we age.  Fitness is a journey!  It will wax […]

Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Wellness

December 24, 2017

Get Moving!

  Just put a bit of loveliness in your day! Buy yourself some flowers, take a walk and breathe in the fresh air, go visit someone you haven’t seen in a while. This time of year can be so stressful where you feel pulled in all directions, so it’s a must to give yourself a […]


December 21, 2017

Add a Little Loveliness…

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