"I just printed off the pictures from the photo shoot, and they are absolutely fabulous!!! Oh my goodness we are so thankful!!! The day was such a memorable experience. The pictures are just breath taking and I wanted to thank you for passing them along and for your time that day. We got engaged in March so it's perfect timing :)

"I'm in tears after watching that slideshow. It's just beautiful!!! You do such amazing work! I feel honored that you are doing this for our church."

"We LOVE the prints!!! Thank you!!! They really came out wonderfully!! I can't wait to get them up on the wall! John is just thrilled with them! He wants this to be his annual dad's day present! So we'll be out again!"

"The way you use colors seems to be casual and thoughtful at the same time, and always catches the eye. We both appreciate your skill in capturing a scene and mood without many details, and we're suckers for your farm animals."

"I love, love, love the joy and relaxation that your paintings whisper, scream or sometimes hum."

"We were looking around for someone to redesign our website and I came across yours. I consider myself a "power surfer" on the web but I don't believe I have come across a more attractive website then yours. I wish you every success and prosperity in your business."

"I love your work. I wanted to take a minute to share this with you. My grandmother, 92, is in the Athens Limestone Nursing Home and outside her room is one of your paintings. It's awfully hard to see her go through what she is just now and your painting is a bright spot, literally, in every visit."

"You created a unique atmosphere - a combination of encouragement, independence, laughter, music, and reflection - that brought out the best in everyone." "You've helped me see things in new ways and reminded me of how interconnected everything is. When I look around and see the
paintings I've done, I know I've learned something new with every painting."

What clients are saying: