Authentic Style

Life is about CONNECTION and SHOWING UP!
I truly believe that and strive to live that philosophy more and more each day.  Doing something creative every day is a path to connecting and showing up.
My photography style is one that is authentic and genuine whether shooting portraiture or a street scene aiming to capture a moment as it naturally unfolds.  Honesty in my photography is important - portraying who you REALLY are! I love shooting lifestyle/documentary images like on small streets in France capturing real moments of an elderly lady hanging laundry on a line or people enjoying a refreshment in a cafe. I am drawn to lines, shapes, light and shadows in everything and especially architecture like those long shadows of old street lights on stucco walls in Italy. Beauty is all around us if we will just open our eyes!  My painting is ever evolving as I paint a range of subjects as well as more abstracted elements on a canvas.  Creative expression and process are increasingly more important in my work staying true to what feels right in the process of creating.  I am always taking commissions.  Just ask!

Live, laugh and love!

About Me

I believe I have lived a charmed life in my 50 years! I feel so blessed to have been able to travel and see the world, document and produce art from my travels and from my world around me. I come from a long lineage of artists and am an identical twin to Carole Forét renowned artist in Huntsville, AL.  We have collaborated in our teaching here in the states as well as in Tuscany which has been a complete JOY! I've enjoyed the opportunity to work with art directors for paintings in TV and film.  For about 20 years, I have taught painting and photography to help people “see” in a new way that inspires their creativity.  Allowing that creativity to flow takes great courage, and I celebrate students who have taken that leap! That is the most rewarding work I’ve done, and I long to continue that path.  For all that I've done and hope to do, I am so grateful!

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