Supply List

Class Schedule

(3) Lessons - composition, color, value
(3) days free to paint what you please
or continue with previous painting

Claire will demonstrate at the beginning then everyone
will paint for about 1.5 hours with individual help from Claire,
then end with a constructive group critique.

Fee: $295

Great music and coffee!

Classes limited to 4 painters.

Email Claire for current schedule and to reserve YOUR spot!

Often in one's creative life, he/she has been told that his/her creation (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) was not "good" thus squelching that person's confidence to ever create again. SAD! I do not believe in this approach to teaching and have the strong belief that we are all born creative in some way, and it's our purpose to find and nourish our creativity. It's our connection to the Divine. Get out of your mind the toxic idea that you can't paint! In painting, you have to find YOUR OWN way of putting paint to canvas whether it's in an abstract way or a representational way or any place in between. Painting is expression, it's an energy, it's unique to the creator, it's to be celebrated!

COLOR CAFE is Claire's weekly painting class taught in 6-week blocks. Open to beginners as well as experienced painters. Painting is a journey, and you will stand to gain much from this class no matter where you are! Most of Claire's students have been beginners, may have painted at some time long ago or may have never tried.